Customer Contract

Kist Pay Loan Undertaking

  1. In case of any default on payment of installment(s), the mobile phone (hereinafter referred to as “device”) will be declared as “stolen”. Kist Pay/Financing Partner reserves the right to take action including blocking of mobile phone across all cellular mobile networks for communication.
  2. I agree to register and subscribe to Kist Pay Secure – A mobile phone security and tracking service which blocks the handset for registering on a cellular mobile network upon being lost or stolen.
  3. I also agree to avail mobile phone insurance service compulsory with mobile phone financing via Kist Pay.
  4. I understand that my device will be blocked from registering on a cellular mobile network if my loan/or any installment payment, that I have acquired from Kist Pay is/are NOT made on time. Once the missed installment(s) is/are paid, the device will be unblocked from accessing a cellular mobile network.
  5. Once the loan is marked as fully paid, the device will be released from Kist Pay/Financing Partner Control. However, I can still avail the same Kist Pay Secure Service to block the device in case of theft / loss.
  6. If I don’t completely repay the loan/installments or default in any way, my name will be reported to credit bureaus. On the other hand, Kist Pay reserves the right to initiate any legal action against this default including, but not limited to, repossession of the mobile device.
  7. If I’m unable to repay the loan/installments, I will submit the device to Kist Pay so they can sell it to recover their financing amount in full.
  8. If I brick the device (The word “brick“, when used in reference to consumer electronics, describes an electronic device such as a mobile phone, due to severe physical damage, a serious misconfiguration, corrupted firmware, or a hardwareproblem, can no longer function; hence, it becomes as technologically useful as a brick), while trying to bypass Kist Pay App using methods including, but not limited to, rooting the device, I will be held responsible for damage to the device caused by such actions and my loan shall become immediately payable to Kist Pay.
  9. During the term of the financing, the warranty card of the device will be retained by Kist Pay. I will contact Kist Pay support (contact details given below) to generate any/all repair requests or support requests to the device manufacturers pertaining to device’s warranty.
  10. If during the term of the financing, the device is stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair, I will still be liable to complete the repayment of the financing.

I, hereby confirm, that I have read and understood the information on this document and the loan/Kist Pay terms and conditions and that any questions I have about this agreement stands fully answered.

Email: [email protected]