Financial Sector

Kistpay helps banks grow revenue via digital lending and by increasing digitization. Our platform uses unique technology and analytics, and our alliances to help the banks in two ways:

  • Quickly increase a bank’s digital footprint by increasing app installs. This increases your digital customers meaning better data for cross-sell, upsell and next best offer. Your digital customers will have higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Increase digital lending by finding and converting existing customers to first time or newer model smartphone users using installment based payment model. This is an additional revenue stream for banks. There is minimal risk because of our unique track, trace and universal block technology and because insurance for customer is built in.

Aspiring to a smartphone or getting a better smartphone are emotional decisions. By being a part of the journey banks can create loyal emotionally connected followers who stay in their ecosystem.


Telecom Sector

Smartphone adoption is key to raising Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Smartphone ARPU in Pakistan is three times that of feature phones. Kistpay is a platform that increases smartphone adoption with three Services for Telcos that lower costs while increasing revenue.

·         Kistpay Accelerate: This is end to end device lifecycle management for Telcos while increasing smartphone adoption in their customer base. Kistpay manages upgrading feature phone users to smartphone users. It manage the entire cycle from desire to upgrading to managing installment payments, insurance, device recoveries and replacements etc. Installments dramatically lower barrier of entry for customers wishing to upgrade to smartphones or get better smartphones. There is minimal risk because of our track, trace and universal block technology while handset insurance is built in through our partner, enabling customer peace of mind and greater conversions.

  • Kistpay Secure: This is a unique Value Added Service Telcos can offer their customers. Kistpay Secure is based on real time deep-tech connectivity across all mobile networks allowing Kistpay to block a stolen phone across all networks. Kistpay Secure also allows Kistpay to track phone even when offline. As part of the service Law Enforcement Agencies have been aligned for recovery of stolen phones where applicable. Kistpay Secure will significantly lessen fraud incidents while customers will be delighted with the peace of mind for their expensive device investment. This service also has a B2B variant which allows corporate customers to protect their smartphone investments.
  • Kistpay Inclusion: Kistpay Inclusion is a bank financed smartphone installments program that helps a bank’s feature phone users to upgrade to smartphones. Kistpay Inclusion works because banks have already done Know Your Customer (KYC) on their account holders so can approve financing quickly. Telcos benefit because their feature phone users upgrade to smartphones and consume more data increasing ARPU 3x.

Kistpay solves some key challenges for Telcos. It helps in smartphone adoption which is key to raising ARPU by using economical acquisition strategies. It allows Telcos to offer a dependable Value Added Service (VAS) but also has the ability to upsell existing VAS because of superior targeting and data analytics. It takes the burden of end to end device management off of Telcos while lowering costs and it allows for advancing their financial inclusion goals.

Insurance Sector

KistPay’s track, trace and universal block technology allows insurance companies to show leadership in several ways

  • Insurance companies can significantly increase their footprint and customers in a previously risky but high potential market.
  • Insurance companies can now keep their default rate significantly lower.
  • Smartphone financing will diversify insurance companies’ portfolio, lowering overall risk.
  • Access to a massive new customer segment will allow for major cross sell opportunities strengthening the overall business.
  • Working with Kistpay will allow for unique lock-in opportunities like being bundled with Kistpay smartphones right from manufacturing.

For insurance companies to compete and win in a highly competitive market with little differentiation, smartphone insurance enabled by Kistpay’s technology offers an additional revenue stream and access to more customers.


Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)

Law enforcement agencies are powerful partners in the Kistpay ecosystem.

  • Smartphone snatching cause monetary loss but also loss of life due to incidents that happen during snatching. Evangelizing of Kistpay’s universal block technology will mean mobile phone theft incidents will be less.
  • KistPay has partnered up with CPLC and PTA DIRBS to make this possible.
  • KistPay will be automating the reporting of theft of smartphones and expediting the administrative process so that timely action can be taken with minimum hindrances.

If you wish to partner with Kistpay to lower smartphone thefts in your jurisdiction kindly reach out to us at [email protected] and we will contact you.

Smartphone Manufacturers

The biggest hindrance to smartphone adoption is cost. Kistpay’s alliance with various lending partners means that the addressable market for smartphones has dramatically increased.

  • Smartphone manufacturers who work with Kistpay will have access to a lending supported digital marketplace that will increase revenue.
  • Budget Smartphone manufacturers looking to enter Pakistani market can quickly make an install base for their brand.
  • Smartphone manufacturers that bundle Kistpay into their phones will have differentiation and an edge on their competitors.
  • Kistpay’s ability to offer smartphones on installment means customers purchase newer phones more often increasing Customer Lifetime Value for brands.

With two thirds of Pakistan’s tele-density statistics comprising of feature phones the opportunity for smartphone manufacturers to increase their revenue is massive. It more than doubles with an alliance with Kistpay which allows large swatches of the population to afford smartphones for the first time and to upgrade to higher end smartphones.


Mobile Retailers

Mobile Retailers face many barriers when it comes to providing financing options to their customers. With no tracking ability or device control, the recourse available to these retailers is very limited. Kistpay uses its proprietary technology to overcome this limitation, providing security to retailers in the form of tracking and control, and empowering them fully playout their important role in smartphone penetration.

Whenever a customer defaults, Mobile Retailers now have the ability to completely block the device. These added security measures will give Mobile Retailers the confidence they need to extend their reach.